Distribution and Transmission Line Management

NGG is proud of its experienced technical staff and professional management team.  The NGG team, working in conjunction with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) construction crews, provides superior line construction expertise and high quality performance that clients can count on!

NGG expertise in the area of distribution line work includes:
• New installations and rebuilds
• Line conversions, relocations
• Line maintenance
• Reconductor projects
• Pole replacement

NGG technical staff and construction crews are experienced in the following transmission line work areas:
• Construction and rebuild of transmission lines, up to 500KV
• Construction of wood poles, concrete structures, steel poles and steel lattice towers
• Construction and rebuild of substations and Interconnects, up to 500KV
• Construction, rebuild, and maintenance of overhead and underground distribution lines
• Construction of energy collector systems for wind energy projects, including overhead, underground, and substations