Townsend Corporation’s response to COVID-19

Published on 03/16/2020

Based on the current COVID-19 pandemic Townsend Corporation and its business units have implemented plans and procedures to ensure the ongoing safety of our employees, their families, clients and the general public. Our core business activity is the maintenance and preservation of electric utility systems, an essential element of the nation’s infrastructure. Regular business activities include responding to national, regional and local emergencies. While emergencies are a way of life for Townsend, the current situation is certainly unique.
Our work is typically performed outdoors in small groups over scattered areas, which is in alignment with social distancing practices as prescribed by the CDC. We are continuing regular business operations while at the same time limiting face-to-face activities such as large meetings and gatherings. Business continuity processes and the use of remote communication technologies are in place. Close communications with our clients relative to their requirements and concerns is ongoing.
We will continue to closely monitor the situation and related response activities and guidelines. As conditions change and hopefully improve, we will adjust our Response Plan and guidelines where appropriate. We encourage our employees and their families to pay close attention to information updates and guidelines as issued by the CDC as well as state and local officials. Be prudent and Stay Safe.
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