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After the Storm — How to Stay Safe in the Wake of a Major Storm

Rainstorms are an important resource for our waterways and aquifers, bringing life-giving water for irrigation, drinking water and more. But there is a significant difference in a gentle shower and a violent downpour that can result in destruction of houses and even loss of life. And as our world grows warmer, the propensity for violent storms is on the increase.

Electrical Utility Budget Planning for 2022

In 2020, there were 22 weather or climate disasters that impacted the United States, each of which cost $1 billion or more in damages. In fact, all told the storms amounted to $95 billion in total damages. There were a record seven tropical cyclone disasters, 13 severe storms, one drought disaster, and one that was attributed to wildfires.

The month of September is the height of hurricane season and, if the previous few years are any indication, there could be several storms threatening the United States. Hurricanes, as we all know, do unspeakable damage to the communities on or near the coast, as well as any area in its path until it peters out over land. 

What Does it Take to Keep America’s Power Flowing?
As we mentioned in our June blog post, there have been a number of widespread and disruptive power outages across the nation nearly every year — events that our utilities actively try to prevent. Our American power grid, comprising the East coast grid, West coast grid, and the Texas grid, has been described as the biggest machine in the world. It provides more than $400 billion in electricity to customers every year using almost 7 million miles of transmission and distribution lines.

What Causes Mass Power Outages?
As Americans, we have grown comfortable in the knowledge that when we flip a light switch, it will turn on. We use electricity every day to power our homes and businesses and we expect it to be there when we need it. That’s because our electric grid is an amazing piece of infrastructure. Composed of over 450,000 miles of high voltage transmission lines, it provides reliable power to over 140 million residential and commercial customers.

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