Benefits of Eco-Pak
Consider Eco-Pak to efficiently solve vegetation management Right-of-Way application requirements.
Looking for a way to increase productivity, manage inventory, demonstrate sound environmental practices and decrease exposure of your workers and the general public to herbicides? Whether you need a custom blend or straight product repackaging, you can count on a host of other important benefits.

Increased productivity and lower labor costs

By eliminating field mixing of herbicides, there’s no need to rinse, store or dispose of empty containers. This saves time, water and money. Each easy-to-handle, returnable container is refilled efficiently and precisely so you don’t have to worry about costly field mixing errors that can often lead to retreatments.

Reduce working capital with improved inventory management

The Eco-Pak system features just-in-time shipments. This allows you to reduce inventory costs, better manage cash flow, improve inventory tracking, manage work load more effectively and minimize theft liability.

Environmental protection

Returnable/ refillable containers not only mean less landfill waste, they also reduce your liability for improper container disposal. At the same time, you’re also minimizing liability for spills and environmental contamination.

Eliminating field-mixing reduces worker exposure

Since the Eco-Pak system is a closed-loop handling process with no field-mixing required, there’s less chance that workers and the general public will be exposed to non-diluted concentrations of herbicide.
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