About Us
Kelley Electric has more than 75 years of electrical contracting experience serving industrial, commercial, cotton gin, and testing and control panel businesses. We employ skilled electricians who complete small or large projects delivered on time and within budget. We are proud to use safe and dependable electrical products from established, reliable manufacturers.
Years of experience across a broad range of applications have led to a thorough knowledge and understanding of the performance standards expected by architectural and engineering firms in their need to meet commercial, industrial, institutional and government codes and standards - efficiently and cost effectively.
Kelley Electric has the experience and capability to work with facility engineering and manufacturing groups to identify, propose and implement innovative process improvement initiatives and cost reduction activities.
Kelley Electric focuses on getting each and every job done safely and reliably. Our staff credentials include: OSHA, MSHA, NFPA 70E, First Aid/CPR.

Core values

 Safety is our most important value - it always has been and always will be. We are nationally-known as a safety leader in the industry. We are proud of our long commitment to a drug free, safe work environment. Our record sets the bar nationally. This value speaks to our commitment to our employees. We know that our associates work to live, not live to work. Therefore, we are committed to ensuring that every employee goes home every night.
Excellence: We bring the best people, the best equipment and management practices, and a proven track record to the assignment. Our combination of well-trained, experienced professionals, a large fleet of specialized equipment and extensive resources is second to none.
Integrity: One of our greatest assets is our reputation. We adhere to the highest ethical standards as we meet client needs and stand by a work ethic and reputation for being a partner that can be trusted.
Character: We expect our leadership and field personnel to conduct themselves at all times as professionals and experts in their respective fields. As a team, our reputation is important to us and how we approach each and every client and project.
 Accountability in serving our client’s needs safely, efficiently, and dependably is the cornerstone of our reputation. We are committed to reliability, responsiveness and customer-centered solutions.
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