Cotton Gin Services

Experience Kelley Electric GinManager™, the next generation in cotton gin automation
Kelley Electric has extensive experience working with cotton gin owners, managers and operators as well as several gin equipment suppliers with a “What You Want” approach to customizing GinManager™ applications.

Reduced Manpower
Reduced Downtime
Increased Bales per Hour
More Consistent Bale Weight
Benefits include:
Kelley Electric’s GinManager™ Integrated System can be customized in such areas as:
  • System Auto Start/Stop Sequence
  • Press and Tramper Control (PressManager)
  • Indexed Belt Feeder – Adjustable (BeltManager)
  • Auto Battery Condenser RPM
  • Auto Seed Cotton Feed System
  • Module Feeder Controls (ModuleManager)
  • Auto Wet Cotton Mode
  • Local and Remote Gin Stand Controls
  • Auto Calibrating Shaft Monitor System
  • Real Time Alarming
  • Historical Data Logging (DataManager)
  • Main Power Monitoring
  • Owner-Manger Remote Viewing
  • GinManager™ Mobile Console
  • Remote Support via Internet

We can also offer subsystems of GinManager™ Integrated System for tailored solutions:
  • Press & Tramper (PressManager)
  • Gin Stand Control (StandManager)
  • Module Feeder (ModuleManager)