A statement from our CEO, Amy Townsend

Published on 06/25/2020

As a family-owned and operated company for 75 years, our core values were established by our founders long ago and have been engrained in the generations that have followed: Safety, Integrity, Character, Excellence and Accountability. As a company, we have asked our employees at all levels to live these core values daily.

The Townsend family, The Townsend Corporation, all operating businesses like NG Gilbert and all our associates stand together for equality, fairness, tolerance and respect for each individual. We remain committed, especially during these troubling and turbulent times to being active members of the communities in which we live and work and to make our work environment safe and rewarding for everyone.

As a WBE (woman-owned business enterprise) we are sensitive to each individual’s right to personal freedom and beliefs and expect their understanding that with that right comes the expectation that NG Gilbert associates will respect and protect the rights of others. All associates are representatives of the company and are expected to represent the company and our clients professionally, respectfully and courteously. Inappropriate, inflammatory, intolerant or divisive words and actions do not reflect our core values and do not meet NG Gilbert’s standards for conduct.

I challenge everyone on the NG Gilbert Team to reflect on how we can learn from each other, understand the many challenges that everyone faces, particularly those from different backgrounds, and work to be the best that we all can be.

Warmest regards,
Amy E. Townsend