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For Utility Line Clearance Solutions

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What is Utility Line Clearance?

By using a mix of tree pruning and tree removal, utility line clearance eliminates interference with power lines. Line clearance benefits both electric power companies and their customers because it greatly helps to reduce power outages.


Why Choose NG Gilbert Services for Your Next Utility Line Clearance Project?

Since 1939, NG Gilbert Services has served electric power utility companies throughout the US by providing safe and reliable line clearance services.

Whether working to restore power after a major storm, building a new transmission line in a remote rural area, or installing an energy collection system that brings needed wind power to the electric grid, NG Gilbert Services crews are hard at work delivering their technical expertise and commitment to quality across the nation.

Our experienced crews are equipped with all the tools and resources to get the job done right the first time, every time. NG Gilbert Services emphasizes the importance of safety, excellence, integrity, character and accountability for every project we take on.

Our Specialties

For over 80 years, electric companies have trusted us to rebuild infrastructures across the nation. Our expertise spans across services such as:
…and more. Our industry proficiency translates into a safe and reliable commitment to high-performance results. Contact us today to see how we can help your business.