NG Gilbert Services Training

Ongoing Training that Puts Safety First

Tree trimming and line construction are two of the most dangerous modern-day jobs. That is why NG Gilbert Services continuously develops and expands our training programs.

Maintaining a safe working environment is important to our employees, their families and our clients. Excellent safety standards provide the keys to productivity and cost-effectiveness. Our clients expect no less than the best from us and we expect no less from ourselves!

The NG Gilbert Training Program

NG Gilbert Services conducts its training program in a variety of ways.

Our field employees have access to mobile training centers and multiple training props to simulate onsite tree trimming and line clearance activities.

Still, the principal tool for employee training has been and will remain on-the-job (OTJ) supervised training. Also, on a quarterly basis, the company brings all its field managers together to analyze past results, review problem areas and discuss new training techniques, industry developments and more.

Pre-Trip Inspection

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