Emergency Storm Services

24-Hour Response for Utility Line Storm Damage

For emergency response and restoration services, reach NG Gilbert Services at:


[email protected]

We provide emergency storm services for utilities and municipalities following hurricanes, ice storms, wind bursts and other natural disasters, drawing upon years of experience in responding to these events. Extensive equipment and staff resources throughout the country, coordinated by a focused and experienced Storm Response Center, help provide timely mobilization of crews to storm or disaster areas for line clearing, power restoration, and debris removal.

NG Gilbert Services crews show up fully equipped and ready to spring into action, supported by a logistics team that coordinates with the utility’s own emergency response team.

A storm response contract with NG Gilbert Services can go a long way towards ensuring the support your customers need if danger strikes.

Please contact us today to discuss your needs.

Emergency electrical system restoration services include:

  • Line Construction and Repair
  • Line Clearing
  • Hazardous Tree Removal
  • Debris Removal and Processing