Line Clearance Services

Multiple Integrated Vegetation Management Techniques and Methodologies

Through its wide array of equipment and certified arborists, NG Gilbert Services can provide a wide array of line clearance and vegetation management solutions for clients that go well beyond just “cutting a tree.”

What is Integrated Vegetation Management?

Integrated Vegetation Management (IVM) is the use of multiple techniques and methodologies in a coordinated strategy to control vegetation and provide the lowest total system cost.

With the use of modern IVM techniques and advanced herbicides that target invasive species, NG Gilbert Services provides the best in habitat management. NG Gilbert Service helps redefine right of way stewardship.

How NG Gilbert Executes Line Clearance Services

NG Gilbert provides mechanical trimming, line clearance, mowing, reclamation of right-of-ways and herbicide application services chosen to best meet a client’s strategy and goals. Our field managers work with clients to offer optimal solutions.

We understand the need for utilities to comply with the latest NERC Reliability Standards as well as local government and environmental concerns. And we know that, in many cases, a longer-term IVM strategy may be the lowest cost approach to meeting some or all of these requirements.

Our crews utilize the best, most innovative equipment available to safely manage your line trimming and vegetation clearance needs. They exercise the utmost care and safety, using certified arborists and licensed applicators meeting all applicable standards.

Herbicides for Vegetation Management

We work closely with clients and major herbicide suppliers to provide the latest in herbicide selection and application technology.

In addition, we offer custom-blended mixtures through our sister company, the leading expert in supplying custom-blended solutions in returnable, refillable packaging throughout the United States.