Storm Recovery

Count on NGG Storm Restoration Capability When You Need It the Most.

N.G. Gilbert is uniquely qualified to provide emergency storm response and power restoration services that includes both line clearance and line construction following hurricanes, tornadoes, wind storms, ice storms or other natural disasters.
We have years of experience meeting the multiple demands brought about when the unthinkable happens! As such, NGG is ready to assist electric utilities with storm response logistics, damage assessments, and the major repair and clean-up efforts necessitated by storm damage.
Prepare for Success
Preparation is key. Before a storm hits NGG follows its projected path. Our crews are put on alert and existing utility clients contacted regarding available resources. Communication before, during and after any storm event is critical. Knowledge of the storm’s path enhances our ability to anticipate storm logistics and to rotate crews as required to meet both storm demand needs and the needs of existing customers.
Planning Is Vital
Being able to provide a fast, organized, professional response requires planning. NG Gilbert planning is a hallmark of the dedication and commitment to customer and community service that is part of our DNA.