Taking RESPONSE-Ability - Part 1

o be Response-Able is to be aware, prepared, and situated at all times to succeed in such a way that accidents are prevented.
  • Be actively engaged with your environment.
  • Recognize your limits and understand the limitations of the tools and equipment you are using.
  • Anticipate all the hazards associated with your task.
  • Choose your work practices wisely.
  • Adjust your speed, distance, placement and orientation to your work accordingly.

You have heard many reasons why Safety is vital to you, your family and the success of our organization.  Remember...Safety is our #1 Core Value.
Yet, accidents can happen. The fact is:
The Root Cause of the vast majority of injuries, motor vehicle accidents, property damages and unplanned outages is a Failure to ‘take Response-Ability’ for our actions.
Response-ability is a core expectation of each one of us.  It cannot be bought, sold or issued to you.  The good news is each of us already have it for the taking.  It is found between our ears, in our chests and in our guts.  It is a gift to be used for good. Re-read the above definition and think about it this week.  We will elaborate upon its meaning in future Safety Matters.
Posted: 4/11/2016 11:56:48 AM by Townsend Editor