Taking RESPONSE-Ability - Part 2

Response-ability is vital to our safety and the safety of others.  Nearly every accident may be tied to someone’s shortfall in Response-ability.  Taking Response-ability is a core expectation of everyone in our organization. SAFETY MATTERS!
We found out last week that each of us already have it for the taking. But what does this mean exactly?
Active Engagement:
It all starts here. If we are disengaged from what we are doing or where we are at, we are destined for an unpleasant and often painful experience. 'Going Passive' during any task, large or small exposes us to serious harm. No other safety factor will help us if we are not 'Actively Engaged'. Danger has a way of seeking out and striking the unsuspecting. In all tasks, we must anticipate the dangers and deal with them on the spot.
The best preparation is to show up for work well-rested and with a positive mental attitude.  If we are fatigued, impaired, distraught or distracted, it may be best that we take the day off or at least slow to a safer pace. We must take it upon ourselves never to perform tasks that are beyond our physical or mental capabilities, our level of training, or beyond our scope of authority.  We must ALWAYS be in clear communication with one another. Go from unaware to aware, then to alert and finally engaged before doing anything. We appreciate your commitment and contribution to safety. 
More on Response-ability next time.
Posted: 4/18/2016 11:50:32 AM by Townsend Editor