Holiday Fever

With the days getting darker, the temperatures decreasing, and the holidays on the horizon, our thoughts often turn toward anything but what we are presently doing. Our minds wander more frequently to events planned for the upcoming weekend. Over the holidays, most of us will spend time with our family, follow our faith, go to holiday parties, eat plenty of food, and open those wonderful gifts, and so we may spend time thinking about all of that. This mindset is often called Holiday Fever.
Take a few minutes and think of yourself on a job getting distracted by thinking about your holiday plans.
  1. What are some of the consequences that could arise?
  2. Do you ever remember yourself being lost in a world described above?
  3. What are some of the ways you can think of to combat Holiday Fever?
  4. Holiday Fever affects people differently, and how you deal with it has a direct effect on your attitude and outlook that day.
  5. While the distractions don't last that long, time is irrelevant when an accident or incident can occur in a brief second.
The only way we can stay injury- and accident-free is to concentrate on the task at hand, practice present-moment thinking, and don’t let your mind wander to another place or time. We may not get to this place and time if we don't practice safety first on the job and at home.
Remember the basics:
  • Have a proper job briefing and to follow that briefing to the completion of the job.
  • Use proper PPE.
  • Have proper equipment for the task.
  • Be aware of your surroundings.
  • No shortcuts.
  • Keep your mind on task, all the way to completion.
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