Becoming a Certified Tree Safety Professional

At Townsend, our primary emphasis is on crew safety. We have daily safety meetings before each day's work, we have weekly briefing sheets that detail each aspect of crew safety, and a corporate Safety Department whose sole responsibility is to make sure every employee understands the company’s expectations and all safety and operating procedures.

We encourage all crew members to become well-versed in safety practices, regulations and tree trimming procedures beyond what is taught routinely. One way you can do this by becoming a Certified Tree Safety Professional (CTSP) from the Tree Care Industry Association.

Becoming a CTSP can help you develop and grow your career. It can lead to additional responsibility, while helping your coworkers be more safe and prevent work-related accidents and injuries. A CTSP positions you for career growth and advancement, all of which can help you better support yourself and your family.

The 2012–13 TCIA Accident Survey shows that companies with CTSPs on staff have fewer accidents and injuries, less lost time, and reduced costs. Being a CTSP helps both the company and yourself; safety records are a key metric used by clients when hiring tree companies; and as a family business Townsend is keenly interested in assuring that employees go home safe to their families every day. Our staff of CTSP employees play an integral part in achieving both goals.

To become a CTSP, the TCIA says you must meet at least one of these following requirements:
  • Three years’ of technical field experience in tree care with at least one year of assumed responsibility for safety (i.e., crew leader, trainer, safety committee member, emergency responder, certified CPR/first aid provider, etc.)
  • Six months’ technical field experience in arboriculture and one year in a professional safety position
  • Two- or four-year degree in Arboriculture, Forestry, Ornamental/Environmental Horticulture, Natural Resources, Industrial Hygiene, Occupational Safety or other related field with an internship that provided technical field experience.
After that, you're ready to enroll in the CTSP program. That process includes:
  1. Candidates should first fill out the CTSP Enrollment Application and return to TCIA (fax or mail) with the enrollment fee.
  2. TCIA will review the application and if approved, you will have 18 months in which to complete the remaining CTSP requirements and certification process.
  3. The enrollment cost for TCIA members is $163.50; the cost for non TCIA members is $323.50.

You can also learn about the study guide, find out more information on the workshops, and learn how and where to take the CTSP exam.

If you would like to learn more about becoming a Certified Tree Safety Professional, you can visit the TCIA website, learn more about eligibility, and fill out an application.
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