Are you Safety-Minded?

Employees are paid for production, and there can be no quarrel with the worker who gives his or her all toward this end.  However, this does not mean you have to take safety shortcuts. Statistics indicate that accident prevention and high production can coexist with the right mindset.

Accidents cost money and must be paid for by the company.  This cost is not like the cost of materials, equipment, or wages.  It is a total loss, to say nothing of the loss and suffering of the injured employee.  There is no return for the company or the injured employee on money spent as the result of an accident.  Look at it this way:  An accident-free business is a profitable business.

An important part of a good safety attitude is to set an example for others.  If you see unsafe conditions make others aware and take steps to eliminate them.  This may sound too simple to work, but it really does.  Safe attitudes are contagious.  If you run into a problem that you’re not sure you can handle safely on your own, report it to your supervisor or manager.

A good safety attitude toward policies, procedures and housekeeping practices is the best way to protect yourself and your fellow employees from accidents.  People with lackadaisical attitudes about safety blame accidents on the "law of averages" or “stuff happens”.  But accidents don’t just happen -- they are caused.  Most accidents happen as a result of an unsafe condition, a poor attitude, or both. Do your part to keep yourself and your coworkers safe.
Posted: 5/9/2016 3:00:00 PM by Townsend Editor