Emergency Storm Response & Restoration Services
When powerlines are down, and trees have fallen into your path, you can trust Townsend to go the extra mile in delivering storm response services. Whether it’s line clearing, power restoration, or debris removal that you need after the storm, Townsend provides prompt mobilization of crews to disaster areas.

Ready for Action

Townsend has extensive equipment and manpower throughout the country, ready to spring into action after a hurricane, flood, ice storm, or other natural disaster strikes. We know how important fast response times are after a natural disaster, which is why we utilize a Storm Response Center that is devoted to handling and coordinating deployment of crews in a timely manner.

Contact Townsend 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for Emergency Storm Services and Restoration:
24 Hour Emergency Response Call Center


Storm Response Services

Townsend’s response services are available to utilities and municipalities throughout the United States. We provide all emergency electrical system restoration services, including:

  • Line Construction and Repair
  • Distribution, Transmission and Substations

Our team of ISA certified arborists are also trained to provide post-storm emergency tree and vegetation clearance services:

  • Line Clearing
  • Hazardous Tree Removal
  • Debris Removal & Processing

Our crew members are specially trained and well-versed in storm response activities.

Clearing the Way

For power restoration to be a possibility, the path must be clear for utility companies. Debris removal and processing from Townsend allows utility crews to get in, get out, and turn the lights back on for those in their communities.

Storm Response Contracts

The benefits of a Storm Response Contract with Townsend are vast in times of emergency. Ensure you have the support you need. Contact us today to discuss your needs.
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