Chemical/Herbicide Spraying
Chemical/Herbicide Spraying

Chemical TruckTownsend is the leader in Integrated Vegetation Management (IVM) solutions, which includes full-service herbicide applications for utility line, Right-of-Way and industrial locations. An extensive staff of licensed applicators is supported by a comprehensive fleet of innovative equipment and a vertically integrated organization in full collaboration with the industry’s leading chemical companies and research universities.

With these research partners, Townsend helps redefine right of way stewardship, producing benefits such as:

  • Improved motorist safety
  • Better service crew access
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Improved drainage
  • Enhanced aesthetics

Comprehensive growth and weed control programs include:

  • Site-specific herbicide mixtures
  • Licensed Professional Applicators
  • Radar-controlled, pressure regulated computerized injection spray systems
  • Multi-year programs with guaranteed results
  • Turn-key operations with GPS mapping


Types of Applications:

Roadside & Utility Right of Way (ROW)
  • Selective weeding and off-road Spraying
  • Guardrail, delineators, signposts
  • Noxious weeds and Dormant Stem
  • Plant Growth Regulation
  • Tree & Brush Removal
  • Ditch Bank Spraying
  • Pavement underlay
  • Fence lines and bridge abutments
Utility & Industrial Bare Ground
  • Substations and power plants
  • Refineries, tank farms, rail yards
  • Cell Towers
  • Metering and compressor stations
  • Equipment Yards and fence rows
  • Pavement underlay
  • Airports- Runways & Lights


For more information on specific applications, please see the Herbicide Application brochure.


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